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12:40 - 14:00

IAF & ISA Special Panel

12:40-12:42 - Special event - joint panel to the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) and Israel Space Agency (ISA)

12:42-12:44 - Opening Greetings

 Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel, Chairman of the Israeli Space Agency at the Ministry of Science and Technology, Israel

12:44-12:56 - Keynote

 Prof. Pascale Ehrenfreund, President, International Astronautical Federation (IAF)

12:56-13:50 - Advancing national space ecosystem: Perspectives of small and emerging spacefaring nations

Dr. Deganit Paikowsky, Hebrew University and VP International Astronautical Federation (IAF)

 Dr. Valanathan (Val) Munsami, Chief Executive Officer South African National Space Agency (SANSA)

 Mr. Jonathan Hung, Executive Chairman, Singapore Space and Technology Limited

 Mr. Michal Brichta, Space Practice Leader, Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency

 Ms. Simonetta Di Pippo, Director, UNOOSA

 Mr. Anthony Murfett, Deputy Head of the Australian Space Agency

13:50-14:00 - Break

The panel will focus on ways for both small and emerging spacefaring nations to advance their ecosystems in space. It intends to provide an opportunity for emerging new players to voice their activities, share their experience, and interact with a wide audience of the space community.

14:00 - 15:55

Ilan Ramon Space Conference

14:00-14:03 - Formal opening of the 16th Ilan Ramon International Space Conference

14:03-14:07 - Greetings

 Ms. Shai-Lee Spigelman, Director General, Ministry of Science and Technology, Israel

14:07-14:19 - Memorial ceremony to STS 107 crew members

14:19-14:25 - Greetings

 Mr. Avi Blasberger, Director of the Israeli Space Agency (ISA) - Ministry of Science and Technology, Israel

14:25-14:54​​​​​​​ - Keynote panel: The Importance of space Innovation to prosperous societies

 Ms. Shai-Lee Spigelman, Director General, Ministry of Science and Technology, Israel

 Her Excellency Sarah bint Yousef Al Amiri معالي سارة بنت يوسف األميري, Minister of State for Advanced Technology وزيرة دولة للتكنولوجيا المتقدمة

 Mr. Stephen Jurczyk, Acting Administrator, NASA

14:54-15:50​​​​​​​ - When Space meets Diplomacy

 Adv. Keren Shahar, Senior Deputy Legal Adviser, Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs

 Mr. Avi Blasberger, Director of the Israeli Space Agency (ISA) - Ministry of Science and Technology, Israel

 Mr. Giorgio Saccoccia, President, Italian Space Agency

 Mr. Carlos Augusto Teixeira de Moura, President, AEB

 Dr. Christina Giannopapa, Advisor to the Secretary General, Hellenic Ministry of Digital Governence

 Dr. Natália Archinard, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Switzerland

While Space and Diplomacy might be perceived as separate worlds when the two fields meet interesting things happen.  In this panel we will discuss the reciprocal nature of Space and Diplomacy and the exciting changes in the horizon as a result of New Space initiatives.

15:50-15:55 - Break

15:55 - 19:24

Ilan Ramon Space Conference

15:55-16:50 - Macro trends in Space Economy

 Prof. Jan Wörner, Director General, ESA

 Mr. Frank DiBello, President & Chief Executive Officer, Space Florida

 Mr. Rick Tumlinson, Founding Partner, SpaceFund

 Prof. Daniel Britt, Astronomy and Planetary Sciences at the Department of Physics, University of Central Florida

 Mr. Chris Quilty, President, Quilty Analytics

 Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel, Chairman of the Israeli Space Agency at the Ministry of Science and Technology, Israel

The panel will present to leaders and executives of major space and non-space stakeholders from institutional, academia and commercial sectors the potential of synergies and the turning point in the space economy in recent years, i.e from a government-oriented economy to an open market and  free competition.

This change opens up new opportunities for space and non-space  players in developing trends such as remote sensing, IoT & connectivity, independent life in space and manufacturer in space, etc.

16:50-17:37 - Liquidity options for space-oriented ventures

 Ms. Meagan Crawford, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, SpaceFund

 Mr. Ili Cohen, Managing Director at Synergy Capital

 Ms. Renana Ashkenazi, Principal at Grove Ventures

 Mr. Gareth Keane, Partner, Promus Ventures

 Ms. Shiva Dustdar, Head of Division Innovation Finance Advisory,EIB

Investing in Space: Trends, Opportunities and Risks. The panel will discuss exit options for start-ups, M&A use case, IPO and more.

17:37-18:38​​​​​​​ - Academic and industry collaboration as an inspiration to new business

 Prof. Dan Blumberg, Vice President Ben Gurion University and head of the Earth and Planetary Image Facility

 Prof. Dr. Ing. Harald Michalik, Founder, DSI

 Prof. Ran Ginosar, President & Co-founder, Ramon.Space

 Prof. Sir Martin Sweeting, Executive Chairman, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) Chairman & Distinguished Professor, Surrey Space Centre, University of Surrey, UK Director, UK National Hub on Space Robotics and Autonomous Systems (FAIR-SPACE)

 Dr. Jean-Yves Le Gall, President, CNES

 Ms. Teri Crain, Business Manager, AZ Space Technologies, LLC

The panel deals with Academic-Industrial opportunities and successful companies which started their journey in academic institutes; technologies and products that started their way in academia and have become success stories in the space industry.

Researchers and entrepreneurs who have founded space companies will share their experience and insights of their collaboration and the value gained from academia-business cooperations, particularly in the space industry.

18:38-18:49​​​​​​​ - 2020 in space – A year in review

 Mr. Tal Inbar

18:49-19:24​​​​​​​ - Astronauts Round Table: Discussing the social impact of Private Astronaut Missions (PAM)

 Mr. Avi Blasberger, Director of the Israeli Space Agency (ISA) - Ministry of Science and Technology, Israel

 CHARLES F. BOLDEN JR., Major General, US Marine Corps (Ret) 12th NASA Administrator

 Her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada

 Mr. Eytan Stibbe, 2nd Israeli in Space, Vital Capital

14:00 - 16:28

Ilan Ramon Space Conference

14:00-14:03 - Opening

14:03-14:43 - Government Outsource and Procurement: Means of capturing commercial value

 Mr. Gil Pelleg, Senior Advisor, International Strategy and Cooperation, ISA

 Mr. Oren Milstein, Co-Founder & CEO, StemRad

 Mr. Dave Murrow, Senior Manager Business Development, Lockheed Martin

 Mr. Stephen Eisele, VP Biz Dev, Virgin Orbit

In this panel we will discuss the global trend of outsourcing strategic functions in the space industry and means for companies in different stages to capture value.

14:43-15:35 - Cyber in Space

 Mr. Ram Levi, Founder and CEO, Konfidas

 Dr. Dorit Dor, VP of products, Check Point

 Mr. Amir Einav, CRO (Sales & Marketing), Karamba Security

 Lt. Gen. Larry D. James USAF (Ret.), Deputy Director, NASA JPL

 Mr. Michel Brafman, COO and CTO, La Réunion Aérienne – La Réunion Spatiale

Cyber protection capabilities are key features to insure independence and sustainability. In this panel we will explore how to harness civilian cyber security capabilities and technologies to protect civilian space assets. The panel will include leading cyber companies that will present their understanding of how to make the modification to the cyber space arena.

15:35-16:28 - Space business expands into new markets

 Mr. Frank Salzgeber, Head of Innovation and Ventures Office, BIC/ESA

 Mr. Amir Blachman, Chief Business Officer, Axiom Space

 Mr. G. Narayanan, Chairman & Managing Director, NewSpace India Limited (NSIL)

 Mr. Raphael Roettgen, Founder & Managing Partner, E2MC

 Mr. Robert Jacobson, Space investor and entrepreneur, Arch Mission

 Mr. Shane Fleming, VP Global Commercial Launch Services, Rocket Lab

As humanity expands into the solar system, space will be an essential component in creating a sustainable environment on Earth. In this session we will review two trends :  how space technologies improves our life on earth and how space technologies enable independent life in space,  and discuss the business models that will allow it, how to extend to new markets and bring new players to the space arena.

16:28 - 16:35


16:35 - 18:25

Parallel Sessions

Parallel Session: Focus on technologies, applications, gaps and how to bridge them:

Hall A - 

  • Sustainability in Space - how to enable life in space independently and sustainably
  • Manufacturing in Space for the benefit of Earth

Hall B

  • Space , IoT & Connectivity
  • Space and remote sensing
18:25 - 18:38

Beresheet 2

Back to the Moon

 Mr. Avi Blasberger, Director of the Israeli Space Agency (ISA) - Ministry of Science and Technology, Israel

Brig. General (ret.) Shimon Sarid, CEO, SpaceIL

16:35 - 18:21

Parallel Session: Focus on technologies, applications, gaps and how to bridge them #1

16:35-17:25 - Sustainability in Space - how to enable life in space independently and sustainably

 Dr. Adi Ninio Greenberg, Senior Advisor, Science and Technology, ISA

 Dr. Jessica Meir, NASA astronaut

 Mr. Pascal Rosenfeld, Director, Horizon Innovation - Aleph Farms Europe

 Mr. Jonathan Geifman, Co-Founder and CEO, Helios Project

 Mr. Grigoriy Shalunov, project manager at 3DBioprinting Solutions

Whether on a space station or at a Moon colony, the space industry is looking for solutions to be completely independent and self-sustainable from earth by producing its own food, utilizing in-situ materials and more.

17:25-18:21 - Manufacturing in Space for the benefit of Earth

 Dr. Eugene L. Tu, Center Director, NASA AMES

 Mr. Yossi Yamin, Founder and CEO, Space Pharma

 Mr. Mike Lewis, Chief Innovation Officer, Nanoracks

 Mr. Dan Katz, Head of Business Affairs, Space Cargo Unlimited

 Mr. Rich Boling, VP Corporate Advancement, Techshort

 Mr. Christian Maender, Director of In-Space Manufacturing and Research, Axiom Space

How to use space environment (microgravity for example) to bring benefits and improve technologies in everyday life with the goal to improve our lives on earth.

16:35 - 18:24

Parallel Session: Focus on technologies, applications, gaps and how to bridge them #2

16:35-17:20 - Space , IoT & Connectivity

 Ms. Elodie Viau, Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications, ESA

 Dr. Raz Itzhaki, Co Founder and CEO, NSLComm

 Mr. Fabien Jordan, Founder & CEO, Astrocast

 Mr. Guido Baraglia, AWS Principel Business Development Manager, Satellite Solutions, Amazon

 Mr. Bulent Altan, CEO, Mynaric

The connectivity between people and between companies over the past years has proven to be a key for proper conduct and functional continuity of the entire world and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, connectivity and integration of IoT technologies enables the growth and efficiency of companies and business processes around the world.

17:20-18:24 - Space and remote sensing

 Ms. Inbal Kreiss, Head of Innovation System Missiles and Space Division, IAI

 Mr. Elly Perets, CEO, Utilis

 Ms. Taly Markovits, Head of R&D, Intel Geospatial

 Mr. Jörn Hoffmann, European Copernicus program at the DLR space administration

 Mr. Massimiliano Vitale, General Manager and SVP Berlin Operations, Planet Labs

Mr. Guy Eshel, Head of space observation business unit, Elbit Systems

The remote sensing commercial market is growing at an impressive rate as new businesses opportunities emerge. Satellite constellations are replacing single monolithic satellites and advances in materials, miniaturization, and image processing are enabling new business models.